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Introducing Skin  Camo

Experts in paramedical tattooing specialising in scar and stretch mark concealment

and camouflage. We understand the impact that visible scars and stretch marks can

have on your self-esteem and confidence. Our ultimate goal is to empower you

by offering effective solutions that not only address these concerns but also allow you

to feel truly comfortable and proud of your skin.

Treatments to assist with

Surgical scars

Stretch marks


Surgical scars


Self harm scars


Skin grafts

Injury scars

Transition scars

Nue Conceal

Jules has trained in the use of the NUE CONCEAL device & seen amazing results.

NUE CONCEAL is the world's leading camouflage tattoo technology with safe pigments. NUE CONCEAL also has the important CE certification (EU safety standards) for peace of mind.

The NUE CONCEAL device reads your skin tone so that we can create a perfect colour match.

Nue Clear

Jules also uses an ink-less serum called NUE CLEAR. This method is great for smoothing the skin's texture using medical grade, vegan ingredients. It's also beneficial for those not wanting (or needing) ink or for religious reasons.

Please get in touch if you'd like to be a model.


The price is heavily discounted in return for your beautiful skin and before and after pics which will be shared with consent and without your identity.

I can't wait to change your life and give you the confidence to love the skin you're in.

Jules xx

0474 202 851

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