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dermaviduals Bespoke Facials

Customised Pure Active

Just like fingerprints, every skin is unique. That’s why we don’t believe in a blanket approach to skin care and neither should you.  dermaviduals adheres to the principles of corneotherapy, which is the science of maintaining a healthy, balanced skin.  We can supply a specific custom made prescription suited for every type of skin, and for every skin problem and its prevention.  Highly recommended by dermatologists, doctors, oncology aestheticians and skin care clinics.


Only the best ingredients sourced from around the world, together with the very best in science, innovation and proven research, allows us to individualise in clinic, to suit your skin and its needs.


dermaviduals changes lives, not just skin.

Facial pricing at The ReVamp Rooms is tiered, you can enjoy a reduction in price when booking with an Emerging or Senior Therapist.

Emerging/Senior Therapist
Owner/Head Therapist - Jules
The Ultimate Facial
Skin Correction Perfection
Teen Medi Facial
Enzyme Glow
Mini Facial
Pretty Model

45 mins

Enzyme Glow

The perfect introductory facial, or if you have no time to waste!


You'll receive all the benefits of natural enzymes designed to provide fresh, glowing skin. It is an excellent treatment to restore, and help to remove any dehydrated cells.


You will immediately feel an improvement in circulation, and see a lovely skin complexion.

From $105

Happy Teens

60 mins

Teen Medi Facial

This facial focuses on clearing, calming, soothing or nourishing compromised skin.


Designed to reduce inflammation and deep cleansing of the skin.


Gentle exfoliation, custom mask and Hydrabrasion may be used in this treatment.
I recommend a course of 6 every 2 weeks for a problematic skin to kick start great habits.

Teen Boot Camp available

From $115

Lingerie Model

30 Minutes

The Lunchtime Facial

Enjoy 30 minutes of customised skincare with our Lunchtime dermaviduals Facial.

This treatment includes:



Enzyme Exfoliation

Hand Massage


Decadent Facial Massage

finishing with individualised skincare.

This treatment is available any time of the day.

from $89

Beauty Model

1hr 15 mins

Skin Correction Perfection

This facial has all the components of the Enzyme Glow as well as working deeper in the skin and concentrating on its current



Custom active ingredients and masks are added for infusion to create cellular change.

Relax with a decadent face, neck and décolletage massage, complete with a hot stone hand and arm massage.

From $145

dermaviduals roller.jpg

1 Hr 45 mins

MTS Roller Facial
Microneedling Therapy System

A skin changing facial with tonnes of benefits that keep on giving.


Incorporating MTS rolling into your facial, I will give you personalised instructions so you can keep on rolling at home!

Enjoy the Skin Correction/Perfection Facial, rolling tutorial and soothing Epi Nouvelle Mask. Complete with relaxing hand and arm massage plus hot stones to finish.


You will receive an MTS Roller with care instructions to take home.

More information here.

From $309

Long Lashes

From 15 mins

Facial Add-Ons

Hydrabrasion pore clean - 15 min I $30

Quickly Clear ADD ON - 30 min | $47

IPL Rejuvenation / Pigmentation / Vascular / Acne Treatment - 15 min I $99

Dermalux LED Phototherapy - 30 min | $45

Lash Tint -  $32

Brow Tint - $19

Lash & Brow Tint - $47

Eyebrow Tidy - $25

from $19

Portrait of a Smiling Woman with Curly H

1hr 30 mins

The Ultimate Facial

The creme de la creme of facials!
This treatment focuses on intense delivery of the very best and purest active ingredients. You'll be pleased to know there is LOTS of exquisite massage, if you don't miss it by falling asleep. Restore eyes, neck and lips with included customised masks and an amazing Dermalux LED Phototherapy session.

You'll leave looking, and feeling fabulous! 

From $189

Applying Face Cream

60 Mins

Blooming Great Skin
Fuel Facial

Looking for a pick me up?

This facial improves hydration levels of the epidermis for a more even and healthy, glowing complexion.

Supercharge your mitochondria - considered the ‘battery source’ of a cell membrane. Both oil and water-soluble antioxidants are infused deeply into the skin with an ultrasonic tool. Also enjoy a decadent massage while we concentrate on your skin's renewal & vitality.

For a truly amazing skin boost, select an LED "add on" to this facial which includes a relaxing hand and arm massage.

From $129

Happy Beauty Model

From 30 mins

Mask Upgrade

Epi Nouvelle Mask - made of natural plant cellulose that is fast acting and soothing.


It will intensively moisturise, energise and cool stressed and sensitive skin. Have in-treatment (which you can take home and re-use up to 4hrs later), or take home separately.  


Full Face - $37

Full Eye - $29

Under Eye - $20

Mouth & Lips - $28

Neck - $30

from $20

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