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Hair Reduction

Pain Free & Permanent Hair Reduction

Now you too can get pain free permanent hair reduction. With the latest technology we can provide Super Fast Hair Removal that is not only pain free but also provide treatments for most skin types including 1,2,3,4 and 5. (1 being the lightest). Unlike many other lasers and light systems we can treat almost any hair colours successfully including dark hair, blonde hair, light brown and red hair. Ask your therapist if your skin type and hair colour is suitable for SHR treatments. 

Take a further 20% off for packages of 6 and 30% off for packages of 10.

Please review our aftercare guide prior to your appointment.

* If you have not had this treatment before, you must choose to have a Patch Test and consultation first.

* You must shave area/s 1-3 days prior to having your treatments.


Our waxing treatments are performed using the beautiful high quality wax, CaronLab.

In accordance with strict hygiene and health standards, we do not double-dip implements. We guarantee a professional and thorough service.

Young Beautiful Girl

face -

IPL Treatment

Nose $13

Chin $19

Lip $19

Lip & Chin $29

Sides of face $49

Full face $59

Add on services:

Shave $40


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Stripe Swimsuit

laser treatment packages

Female Packages:

​Half leg, Brazilian and underarms $150

Full leg, Brazilian and underarms $195

Male Packages:

​Full back and shoulders $159

Chest and stomach $159

Add on services:

Shave $40

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Body Conscious

female body -

SHR Permanent Hair Reduction

Areola $30

Hands & fingers $20

Neck – front or back $49

Snail trail $15

Underarms $30

Half arm $60

Full arm $90

Bikini $35

Feet & toes $20

Knees $30 

Female brazillian $69

Buttocks $60

G-string $49

Half leg $95

Full leg $139


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Wax Appointment

female - waxing

Bikini $26

G-string or High Bikini $42

Brazilian (1st visit or after 6 weeks) $68

Brazilian follow-up $63

Eyebrow shape $26

Lip or chin $16

Face $42

Underarm $26

Half arm $37

Full arm $47

Half leg (lower) $42

Thighs $45

Three quarter leg $53

Full leg $68

Feet or Hands $16

Smiling Fit Model

male body -

SHR Permanent Hair Reduction

Nose $13

Ears $35

Neck front or back $49

Snail trail $15

Shoulders $69

Stomach $69

Half arm $60

Full arm $90

Half back $119

Full back $130

Chest $119

Legs $139

Buttocks $60 

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male - waxing

Back - full $50

Back - half $42

Back and shoulders $73

Brow $27

Ear or nostril $21


Neck $27

Stomach $37

Chest $47

Underarm $27

Full arm $60

Half leg $50

Full leg $75

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